Research Paper On Financial Planning And Forecasting

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  • Starbucks - Planning a New Product

    The writer presents a plan for Starbucks to create and then lunch a new product in their coffee shops as a way of increasing revenues and expanding their market. The writer identifies and discusses suitable objectives, the stages that will be needed, resources required, key success factors and financial forecasts along with contingency planning. Four sources are cited in the bibliography of this ten page paper.

  • Strategic Planning at Riordan Manufacturing

    A 6 page paper answering 5 questions about strategic planning, economic forecasting and creating a master budget using the fictional Riordan Manufacturing as the subject. No forecast can be expected to be absolutely accurate simply because all of the events and expectations are set in the future that no one can foretell. An accurate economic forecast should be more than a best guess and have real meaning for planning for the short-term future. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • The Don Café; A Business Plan

    This 10 page paper is a business plan to open a movie themes café and shop in the English town of Canterbury. The plan puts forward the concept, identifies the critical success factors, looks at the potential target markets and the competition and then proposes a marketing plan. The paper ends with a budget and financial forecast for the first year. The bibliography cites 9 sources.

  • An Original UK Business Startup Plan

    This paper consists of 9 pages and discusses an original UK business startup plan for an independent financial adviser company and includes such key issues as necessary resources, all aspects of planning including financial, strategy, and a focused company mission. This 9 page paper is an original business plan for starting up a business, looking at company mission, strategy, planning including financial planning, required resources, the sector's past, present and future UK market, and other key issues. There is 1 bibliographic source listed.

  • Marketing Plan for the World Wildlife Fund

    This 17 page paper is a marketing plan for the World Wildlife Fund, (WWF). The paper starts by looking at the organization and considers its current situation, the target market and the competitors. A new strategy is then suggested, presented using the 4 P's and 6 M's. The plan ends with the presentation of the financial forecasts. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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