Research Paper On Green Tea Pdf

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  • A Review of Research Evaluating Green Tea Extract

    A 3 page critique of the article Green Tea Extract Boosts Exercise Endurance. This paper reviews experimental design and findings in this research performed by scientists as the Biological Sciences Laboratories of Kao Corp., Tochigi, Japan who examined the impact of green tea extract on physical endurance. 1 source.

  • Preventing Cancer with Green Tea

    This research report takes a look at a variety of literature on the subject. Prostate and breast cancer are the diseases given the most attention, but the subject of green tea and cancer is examined in a general manner.This twelve page paper has eighteen sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Examples Socially Responsible Companies

    This essay discusses two companies that are trying to provide a better world. Honest Tea produces an completely natural, organic, bottled tea and is heavily involved in social responsibility activities. Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc. is changing how plants of all sorts can be grown. It is able to produce a natural seed/spore that allows remarkable growth with less water. There are three sources used in this four page paper.

  • Green Supply Chain Management

    This 16 page paper examines the concept of the green supply chain; managing the supply chain in a sustainable or environmentally friendly manner. The paper starts by examining what a green supply chain is and how it may be defined and put into practice and the considers additional issues such as the potential benefits, costs, the key factors for implementation and then considers examples of firms that hover elements of a green supply chain in the UAE. The bibliography cites 18 sources.

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