Research Paper On Inventory Management System Pdf

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  • Inventory Systems for Small Businesses

    In a paper of four pages, the writer looks at inventory systems. Different inventory management systems are explored in the context of a bagel shop case study. Paper uses three sources.

  • Cutting Inventory Costs

    This 10 page paper considers the way in which inventory levels and inventory costs may be cut. The paper looks at tools such as just in time inventory management, forecasting, pull systems and the use of consignment stock. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

  • Inventory Control at Toyota

    Toyota is credited with developing the just-in-time inventory management this 5 page paper examines the inventory management systems used at Toyota, the way they are implemented along with the advantages and disadvantages associated with the systems that they use. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

  • Ideal Inventory Control for a Manufacturing Business; Economic Order Quantity

    This 20 page paper is an examination of the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) system of inventory control. This system seeks to optimize the use of resources by deterring the most appropriate levels of stock ordering to minimise holding and order costs. The paper considers why this is a good system of stock control, how it works, whether it works with or contradicts just in time (JIT) inventory management and gives an example of its use. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

  • Automotive Industry and JIT Inventory Management

    In five pages this paper discusses how Japan's Just In Time management system of inventory control could assist an automobile manufacturer with problems of backlog but no inventory in order for completion. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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