Research Paper On Literacy Development

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  • Early Childhood Education, Literacy Development

    This research paper offers a reaction paper to Lesley M. Morrow and Susan Dougherty's article "Early literacy development: Merging perspectives that influence practice." The two principal approaches to early literacy are described, along with how the authors propose combining these two approaches. Three pages in length, no other sources are cited.

  • Literacy Development in Young Children

    This 10 page paper looks at different aspects of literary development of young children by answering a set of questions all concerning the ideas of different educational theorists that deal with the way literacy skills are developed. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

  • Adult Literacy and Early Development of Language

    In fourteen pages early literacy and language development are considered in terms of adult literacy, the policy of Welfare to Work, and adult literary programs' significance. Fifteen sources are cited in the bibliography and statistics are also provided.

  • Adult Literacy and the New York City Public Library

    In twenty six pages this paper defines literacy within the context of the New York City Adult Literacy Initiative and also considers the NYPL's history with various literacy library programs also examined. Eighteen sources are cited in the bibliography.

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