Research Paper On Marketing Analytics

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  • A Facebook Group for Students - The Marketing Strategy

    The writer presents an assessment of the target market and a proposal for a strategy to market a Facebook group with the aim of helping marketing and business students. The paper begins with an in-depth assessment of the profile and motivation of the target market and then looks at the way marketing may take place, including the use of word of mouth to create cost effective marketing. Nineteen sources are cited in the bibliography of this nineteen page paper.


    Provides a marketing plan/overview for Sandile Security Services. Included are discussions about marketing differentiation, segmentation, commoditization and the 4 Ps of marketing. There are 9 sources in the bibliography of this 5-page paper.

  • Data Analytics Plan

    Big Data Analytics is becoming more common in healthcare institutions because the outcomes include cost reduction, error reduction, better patient care, and many other outcomes. This paper is a Big Data Analytics process map. No Bibliography.

  • Developing a Marketing Plan for Viagra

    The writer examines Pfizer's marketing of sildenafil citrate, marketed under the brand name Viagra. The overall strategy and approach to marketing as well as a PEST and SWOT analysis are used to assess the position of the brand. The general marketing strategy is then considered ands used as the basis for a proposed new marketing campaign. Eleven sources are cited in the bibliography of this twelve page paper.

  • Proposal for the Marketing of a Driverless Car

    Marketing a new product presents a number of challenges, including establishing the new market. The writer uses the example of a driverless car to show the process, including an assessment of the primary target market, and the type of message that will be effective is stimulating sales. The writer presents a proposal for a marketing campaign. Three sources are cited in the bibliography of this three page paper.

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