Research Paper On Marketing Strategies

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  • Grand Strategy of Caterpillar

    In three pages Caterpillar's 2000s strategy is presented in an overview and discusses the strength of their marketing strategies, diversification, and distribution.

  • International Marketing

    This 12 page paper discusses why companies engage in international marketing rather than a series of national marketing strategies. The paper starts by looking at models and theories that explain how and why companies internationalize and then looks at the way this reflects on marketing strategy choices. The paper argues as the companies get larger there is a natural progression to increased use of standardized international marketing. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

  • Marketing Lexus G's Series and Mercedes Benz E Class

    In eight pages these 2 companies' marketing strategies are contrasted and compared in topics such as Web sites, pricing, public relations, selling, distribution, promotion and strategies, product, marketing mix, relationship marketing, and target markets. Twelve sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Comparing Marketing Stragtegies/Quaker and Weetabix

    This research paper discusses the marketing strategies used by two cereal companies within the same markets. The writer explains that while the two companies use the same distribution channels, they employ different marketing approaches. These strategies are examined in accordance with the 7 P's. This five page paper has six sources.

  • The Viability of a New Type of Smartphone

    The writer considers a potential new design of smartphone and determines whether or not a firm which already operates in the communications and security sector should launch their new design onto the market. The most profitable markets are considered, along with potential target markets and marketing strategies. Three sources are cited in the bibliography this eight page paper.

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