Research Paper On Performance Management System

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  • Designing a Performance Management System for Southwest Airlines

    A 12 page paper discussing points that could be included in a new performance management system for Southwest Airlines. Celebrating 35 years of continuously profitable operation, there are several points of measure that can benefit the company. Measured entities need to directly contribute to overall performance. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Things to Consider if Implementing Performance Management

    The writer looks at a range of issues to be considered when implementing a performance assessment system. The paper has 4 section, the first links performance management with the way an organization may achieve its objectives. The second section discusses three components of a performance management system. The third section looks at the use of motivation theories of Maslow and Herzberg. The last section discusses some decision which will need to be made when designing the assessment system. Four sources are cited in the bibliography of this four page paper.

  • Implementing Performance Management

    Before performance management can be implemented it is necessary to determine suitable processes to support the implementation. The writer provides an outline for the practical aspects of performance management implementation, with a plan for the introduction of performance appraisal system, including the processes that were utilized and post implementation evaluation. Five sources are cited in the bibliography this nine page paper.

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