Research Paper On Quebec

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  • The Separatist Movement in Quebec

    This research paper discusses the independence movement in Quebec, its history and origins, as well as the contemporary development of the movement and how it constitutes the ambition of many of the residents of Quebec. The writer also discusses the ramifications that will likely occur if the separatist movement ever succeeds and the changes that this would bring in Quebec's relationship to the rest of Canada, as well as the world. This twelve page paper has nine sources in the bibliography.

  • Quebec's Adult Education Provision

    This paper examines Quebec's provisions for adult education in terms of its dual system, the impact of training, and benefits gained from the association between Quebec's educators and those in the Americas and Europe in 12 pages. Eleven sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • An Overview Perspective of Quebec

    This paper offers an overview perspective of the natural resoruces of the Canadian province of Quebec. The writer discusses the history of the region and her people as well as the separatist movement. The writer portrays how Quebec has managed through out Canadian history to maintan this region's unique cultural heritage. This four page paper has six sources in the bibliography.

  • Does Quebec Reject Multiculturalism and Promote Pluralism?

    This paper explores Quebec's history all of the way back to the fur trade era. Is what is occurring in Quebec actually something that is required in order to protect the greater good? There are five sources in this ten page paper.

  • Canadian Politics: Discontentment in Quebec

    This research paper/essay presents a comprehensive overview of the issue of Quebec separatism, within the framework of Quebec history and Canadian politics. Twelve pages in length, fifteen sources are cited.

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