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  • Libertarian Manifesto of John Hospers

    In four pages this report examines the Manifesto 'Each human being has the right to live his life as he chooses, compatibly with the equal right of all other human beings to live their lives as they choose' as articulated by 1972 Libertarian presidential candidate John Hospers. There are no other sources listed.

  • About Voter Fraud

    This 3 page paper discusses several aspects of voter fraud. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • PAC’s: The Insurance Industry

    Lobbying is important to almost all industries. This 20 page paper examines the insurance industry, looking at the important issues that companies may want to influence and the way that political action committees PACs, may seek to represent the interests of the commercial interests, The paper look at the general issues and then consider three PACs in more detail; ALAC PAC, Metropolitan Life and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The paper ends by considering the way that the PACs may improve efficiency in the future.

  • German Elections of 1932 and 1933

    In nine pages the victory of Adolf Hitler's Nazi party during the German elections of 1932 and 1933 are examined in terms of whether or not the German people were aware of what they were voting for in terms of Hitler's future plans of genocide. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • The Electoral College

    This 5 page paper reports the history of the Electoral College, when it was established, why, its purpose, legal foundations for it, how it works, how Electors are selected, number of Electors, election quirks with the Electoral College, how Electors vote, elections deferred to Congress, who administers the Elector College and how it has evolved. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Politics and Bananas

    In six page the political maneuvering along with the banana trade wars are examined in an argument that this connection has even assisted in electing American presidents. Nine sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Comparative Analysis of the Economic and Business Plans of Barack Obama and John McCain

    In nine pages this paper examines the similarities and differences in the economic and business plans of 2008 presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain, and also considers how the economy would be affected overall by the implementation of each candidate’s plans. Eight sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Reforming Campaign Finance

    In a paper consisting of eight pages campaign finance is examined in terms of explanations of what 'hard money' and 'soft money' are, party amounts raised, proposed limits are suggested and discussed with supporting literature information included. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Overview of Reforming Campaign Financing

    In five pages the history of U.S. campaign finance reform is examined in terms of contributor limitations now being set at $1,000 of 'hard money' but also considers the 'soft money' contributed elsewhere as falling under the radar of reform. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Edmond Killina's Courthouse over White House Chicago and the 1960 Presidential Election

    In eleven pages the controversial results of the 1960 presidential election are examined within the context of this book and provides additional insights into this lesson from history that provides contemporary perspective. One source is listed in the bibliography.

  • A Review of Courthouse over White House Chicago and the Presidential Election of 1960

    An 11 page review of the book by Edmund Frank Kallina. The book focuses on alleged political corruption. 1 source.

  • The US and a Multi Party System

    In five pages the conditions under which the US might develop a multi party system is explored with American exceptionalism being the primary focus. There are three bibliographic sources cited.

  • Design for Politicians' Website

    In four pages this students supplied case study examines website design and then suggestions are offered regarding a web page for politicians. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.


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Click on any of the term papers to read a brief synopsis of the research paper. The essay synopsis includes the number of pages and sources cited in the paper.


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