Research Paper On Recycling Of Concrete

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  • Increasing the Rate of Concrete Recycling in the UK Construction Industry

    The paper, written in the style of a research report or dissertation, investigates the way that the construction industry in the UK may be motivated to increase the level of concrete recycling that current takes place. A literature review, which includes an examination of the relevant issues, including how and why concrete should be reclined and the potential economic benefit of the industry. The research then looks to Japan where 98% of concrete is recycled to assess the strategies implemented to reach this level. Forty-six sources are cited in the bibliography of this seventy page paper.

  • Cleaner Plastics; Lifecycle and Recycling

    Plastics are associated with poor environmental practices consuming fossil fuels in their production and disposal. This 20 page paper considers the way in plastics production and recycling may be undertaken in a cleaner way. The paper focuses on recycling looking at the lifecycle from the recycling perspective including the creation of plastics using plants that result in biodegradable plastics as well as the ways in which plastics may be recycled. The bibliography cites 50 sources.

  • Establishing a New Clean Air Recycling Company Business Plan

    In twenty pages a business plan for a proposed company that would recycle ribbons, tape and toner cartridges and then resell the recycled products is examined in terms of industry overview, company description, potential risks, management and marketing plans along with annual balance statements and cash flow financial information. Fourteen sources are cited in the bibliography along with the inclusion of 4 tables.

  • Oil Industry Recycling

    In thirteen pages this paper examines oil recycling and its industry role with various types of recycling approaches considered. Twelve sources are listed in the bibliography.

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