Research Paper On The Prophet Daniel

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  • Prophets in the Old Testament

    This is a general overview of the prophets in the Old Testament and Hebrew Bible. The term is defined along with its origins. The prophets in each category are listed, e.g., Minor Prophets. How they received their call is reported with examples. There are four sources listed in the bibliography of this three page paper.

  • Prophet Muhammad's Revelation

    In five pages this paper discusses how Allah's messages were delivered by Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad in a consideration of revelation.

  • Old Testament Prophets

    In five pages this paper examines prophets including Daniel Jonah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Isaiah as they are featured in the Old Testament and considers the methods of their message deliveries to the Israelites. Ten sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Analysis One Chapter in Daniel

    This report discusses a commentary on Daniel 7 and also discusses what is included in Daniel's dream and vision. There are three sources listed in the bibliography of this three page paper.

  • Lean Machine

    In three pages James P. Womack, Daniel T. Jones, and Daniel Roos' The Machine That Changed the World is examined in this lean machine overview. Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

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