Research Paper On Universal Health Care System

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  • The National Health Care System in Canada

    Fifteen pages and 14 sources. This paper relates the fact of the increasing discontentment with the universal health care system in Canada as it currently exists. This paper considers the conflicts that occur under a universal health care plan, especially in terms of the private vs. public treatment.

  • Projections for the Universal Health Care System in Canada

    7 pages and six sources used. This paper considers the existing status of the universal or national health care system in Canada and attempts to show how this system can survive in the presence of questions of regarding the maintaining of this system. This paper looks at the significance of national health funding for women's health issues and suggests that even in the midst of the call for budgetary cuts, this segment of the health care system should remain the same.

  • The Health Care System in the United States and Access by Black Americans

    17 pages and 27 sources. This paper considers the fact that the American Health Care system has some significant flaws, including the way in which African Americans can or cannot access this system. This paper relates the belief that a large population of Black Americans have little or no access to health care, a problem that can negatively impact their capacity to reduce disease, have health children and improve their long-term care. This paper also considers the call for greater equity in health care in the hopes of changing this problem.

  • U.S. Health Care System

    A 3 page research paper that discusses the American system. According to an online dictionary,, a "health care system" is defined as a "Complex of facilities, organizations, and trained personnel engaged in providing health care within a geographical area." If one considers only this extremely broad definition of a "health care system," then, yes, the manner in which health care is delivered in the U.S. is a "system." However, there are scholars who express an evaluation of the way that health care delivery functions in the US that is so negative that one can also easily make the argument that the delivery of health care in America is too dysfunctional to be considered to be a "system," as the term "system" implies organization and comprehensive service. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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