Research Paper On Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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  • Historical Origin and Development of Jiu jitsu

    In 5 pages this type of martial arts is chronicled from its origins and through its historical development, which reveal the profound influences of various cultures upon its practices. There are 4 sources cited in the bibliography.

  • The Unfair Treatment of Brazilian Indians

    The centenary celebrations in 2000 for the 500th anniversary of the Portuguese landing in Brazil may have been a cause for celebration for the majority of Brazilian people, but for the indigenous population the celebration has been referred to an inappropriate and insensitive. The paper looks at the history of the Indigenous people, discussing why the centenary was not welcomed by all. Twenty-two sources are cited in the bibliography of this twenty-three page paper.

  • The Ecosystems of Brazil

    The writer describes the value of the Brazilian rainforests to the global ecosystem, and argues that the entire global ecosystem is threatened by such things as global warming and deforestation. The paper is five pages long and there are ten sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Entrepreneurship And Human Capital

    A 5 page paper that provides an overview explanation of Schultz's Human-Capital Approach to Entrepreneurship. The writer reports a research study that focused on the importance of entrepreneurship in certain cultures, the one reported is Brazilian. The writer concludes with comments about entrepreneurs being developed at established firms. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Brazil Monetary System and Currency Changes

    In seven pages this report asks questions regarding Brazil's currency and monetary system and include the main monetary aspects that require change, restructuring plan and objectives, the status of the Brazilian economy after the first two quarters, impacts the U.S. felt, and whether or not Brazil was helped by these changes. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography.

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