Research Paper On Ptsd Outline

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  • Definition, Causes and Treatment of PTSD

    This research paper offers an overview of PTSD, describing its signs and symptoms, causative factors and options for therapy. An outline of the paper is included in the page count. Four pages in length, seven sources are cited.

  • Iraqi Veterans/PTSD, A Case Study

    A 6 page research paper that offers a discussion of PTSD, in reference to the War in Iraq, first of all, describes the etiology of PTSD; then, discusses various treatment modalities prior to presenting a case study. The case study demonstrates how a combination of treatment modalities were utilized in order to bring about a positive outcome for the young soldier who was psychically scarred by his combat experiences in Iraq. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • PTSD, Effects on Life Circumstances

    This research paper describes the symptoms of PTSD, but then goes on to discuss the effects that PTSD has on the lives of its victims, which includes increased risk for unemployment, failure to engage in the pursuit of higher education and the detrimental effects of stigma. Three pages in length, three sources are cited.

  • Designing Research

    The paper presents an outline for research. The outline presents the research purpose, a proposed methodology using an online survey with justification for the method, estimation of the requited sample size and a general research approach. The research purpose is to determine if there is correlation between smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. Three sources are cited in the bibliography of this three page paper.

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