Research Paper On Google Company

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  • iPhone and Android Companies

    The smart phone market is the primary one in which Apple and Google compete directly. Google gives its Android away while Apple charges high prices. Even so, it is the iPhone that is the gold standard in this market. External and internal analyses for each company are reported. There are ten sources used in this five page paper.

  • Background to Google

    Google, the well-known search has become a multimillion dollar corporation. The writer looks at the background of the organization, starting with its founding. The paper then looks at the services offered by the company and its financial performance. The final part of the paper looks at the way in which the company undertook their initial public offering (IPO). Seven sources are cited in the bibliography of this three page paper.

  • Google

    Google is a dominant provider of search engine services and other complimentary web based services. The writer looks at the firm to describe the areas of Google’s activities and their core revenue generating operations and then considers the challenges that any search engine company will face when seeking to market themselves. Two sources are cited in the bibliography of this three page paper.

  • Motivation In Three Companies

    A 4 page paper that begins with an introduction to motivation theories, identifying the two major categories of theories. The essay reports some of the activities in three companies and correlates those to Maslow's and Skinner's theories of motivation. The companies are: HSBC, Tesco Plc, and Google. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • The Strategies and Competitive Environment of Google

    The writer examines Google Inc., looking at the strategies found at business and organizational level. The writer then considers the firms closest rivals and the way those rival compete. The paper ends by considering how the position of Google may have been impacted if the firm operating in a long cycle sector. Six sources are cited in the bibliography of this seven page paper.

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