Research Paper On Stand Your Ground Law

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  • Sociological Research and Grounded Theory

    In eight pages a Sociological Review article based upon Richard Ekins' study contained in Male Femaling A Grounded Theory Approach to Cross-Dressing and Sex-Changing is used in a consideration of how the sociological application of grounded theory is still very much unknown territory. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • The Flight of Apollo 13. The Psychological Impacts of the Events on Members of the Flight and Ground Crews.

    7 pages. 8 sources cited. This paper relates a psychological assessment to the flight and ground crew members of the Apollo 13 flight, as it is related in Ron Howard's film Apollo 13. This paper considers factors like the stress that the flight placed on members of the crew and ground teams, as well as the roles that different people took in this stressful situation. This paper applies psychological theories to an analysis of the film's characters.

  • Laws for Sex Offenses

    In ten pages this research paper discusses statistics on recidivism, the driver's license law of Delaware, the chemical castration law in California, the recommitment law of Kansas, and 'Megan's Laws' as each relates to federal and state legislation regarding sexual offenses. Fourteen sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • The Need for Laws to Protect the Obese

    There is no specific law that clearly identifies obesity as a protected class of people under anti-discrimination laws. Like age discrimination, we need a weight discrimination law. The reasons are because obesity has so many diverse causes, more and more research suggests that it is a medical problem and not the fault of the obese person. The paper discuses laws, employment conditions, and provide an example of a successful politician who is obese. There are six sources used in this ten page paper.

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