Research Paper On Blue Whales

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  • R&B, the Blues, B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland

    R&B, the Blues, B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland This paper compares and contrasts the lives and work of these two infamous blues performers. There are three sources listed in this three page paper.

  • Langston Hughes' Blues Poetry

    Imagery, metaphor, rhythm and their interplay in Hughes' blues poetry are examined in a consideration of his works "Ballad of the Landlord," "Listen Here Blues," "Dream Boogie," "Young Gal's Blues," and "The Weary Blues." The bibliography cites six sources.

  • Conservation and Whales

    The practice of whaling throughout history is considered in this paper consisting of twelve pages in which the conservation of whales is strongly advocated. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Overview of Killer Orca Whales

    In five pages Orca whales are examined in an overview that includes pelagic, transient, and resident cultures as well as differences in each whale culture regarding phylogenetic and behavioral characteristics. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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