Research Paper On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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  • SUD as Chronic Disease plus Overweight Kids

    This essay proposes to categorize substance abuse as a chronic disease. The National Institute on Drug Abuse affirms this opinion by identifying the many similarities between addiction and other chronic diseases like diabetes. The chronic care model is explained. The other part of the paper discusses childhood obesity, causes, outcomes, and prevention programs. There are three sources listed in the bibliography of this four page paper.

  • Nailbiting and CBT

    This paper looks at CBT in relation to chronic nailbiting. The writer takes the approach that such behaviors which are often described as nervous or self-comforting may in fact represent more deeply-rooted anxieties on the part of the patient. The paper takes chronic cuticle biting as an example of this, and looks at cognitive behavior therapy or CBT as a means of addressing the issue. This four page paper has three sources listed in the bibliography.

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