Research Paper On Impact Of Fii On Indian Stock Market

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  • Performance and Risk Associated with the London Stock Market

    This five page paper examines the performance of the UK stock market between December 2007 and December 2012, using the FTSE 100 index as an indicator. The movements in the stock market are discussed, along with the potential risk associated with this particular stock market and a consideration regarding the benefits of US investors using the London stock market. Three sources are cited in the bibliography this five page paper.

  • Will Margin Trading in Russia Increasing Volatility and Instability of the Russian Stock Markets?

    This 47 page paper assesses the potential impact of margin trading on the Russian stock markets. The paper gives an introduction with aims and objectives and the research methodology based on examining existing literature and models and applying them to modern Russia. An in-depth literature review examines the concept of margin trading and the different theories regarding its impact on the volatility of stock markets. The paper goes on to examine the development of the investment environment within Russia in order to determine the types of investors which at present within the market to facilitate the application of margin trading theories to this developing market. The paper finishes with a conclusion arguing that margin trading is likely to have a negative effect on the Russian stock markets due to the investment culture, stock market pressures and general trading patterns which are already present with in the stock market. The bibliography cites 34 sources.

  • The Concept of an Efficient Market

    Over the years many theorists have argued that the stock markets operate in a rational manner, and have sought to develop models to explain the movement of share prices on the stock market. The writer examines the concept of an efficient market, including efficient market hypothesis, and other models such as APT and CAPM in order to determine whether or not there is a strong argument that the stock market is efficient, or whether it is inherently inefficient and as such is likely to produce abnormal returns. Nineteen sources are cited in the bibliography this fourteen page paper.

  • Strategies for Stock Market Investments

    In eight pages this paper discusses stock market investment strategies with the emphasis upon options, stocks, and bonds with technology stocks and market trend analyses also provided. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • The Influence of Macro Economic on Stock Market Prices

    The paper presents theories regarding the way stocks or shares are priced and the way that the market reacts in order to assess the impact of macro economic factors on the markets and then applied these to the stock market in Nigeria. Twenty sources are cited in the bibliography of this twenty page paper.

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