Research Paper On Life After Death

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  • Death, Resurrection, and Eternal Life

    In seven pages the texts Eternal Life? Life After Death As a Medical, Philosophical, and Theological Problem by Hans Hung and The Sacred Art of Dying by Kenneth Kramer are featured in a discussion of such topics as death, resurrection, and eternal life. There are no other sources cited.

  • Marsha Norman's 'Night Mother, Life and Death

    In five pages this paper discusses the life and death issues between mother Thelma and her suicidal daughter Jessie Case and the shifts between seeking death and the affirmation of life throughout the course of the 1983 play. There is 1 source in the bibliography.

  • Moths, Life, and Death

    In three pages this paper examines how moths are represented in literature as personifying life and death in 'The Moth and the Star' by James Thurber and 'The Death of the Moth' by Virginia Woolf. In the bibliography there are 2 sources listed.

  • Narrative Essay on the Most Influential Person in My Life, My Grandmother (Lola)

    In three pages this paper offers a narrative essay on the difficult life and death of the author’s Filipino aborigine grandmother, who endured countless hardships in the southern fishing island section of the Philippines who struggled and sacrificed for her family until her death from tuberculosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Three sources are listed in the bibliography.

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